Who we are

We are Mark Bell and Chris Frieze and we have been professional wedding & special events DJs for over 20 years; playing all over Ireland and beyond. We came up with the concept of Bespoke Music Solutions because we felt that there was a gap in the market for people who wanted a professional but non-cheesy DJ to provide an alternative to the stereotypical mobile DJ road shows that still seem to dominate the industry. Hopefully, like us, you want to avoid the same cringeworthy mobile disco that so many people seem to end up with.

How many amazing weddings or parties have you been to that have gone downhill once the disco starts? It seems that now we are in the digital generation, anyone will have a go at trying to be a wedding DJ by simply playing back to back clichés from a Spotify playlist through a puny excuse for a sound system. The wedding disco is the last thing your guests will remember about your wedding so it should be top priority.

We at Bespoke Music Solutions are record collectors and music obsessives as well as being professional DJs. Not only do we use top of the range sound and lighting equipment but we believe that record turntables are musical instruments and each record should be creatively mixed together, for you and your guests. We believe that as well as reading the crowd and giving them the best party possible, a good DJ should avoid gaps between records; not to mention talking over them. If you’ve been to events where the wedding DJ seemed to talk more than play music, then you can understand our policy of being “tastefully interactive.”

We are by no means musical snobs so don't be scared off. We are fully aware that our job is to get everybody dancing by playing music that they love. We love and play music from all genres, so you can expect to hear everything from pop, rock, indie, dance, funk, soul and disco on a typical night. Our aim is to create an atmosphere like the best house party you've ever been at. We just avoid the tired old novelty songs that would inevitably turn your wedding reception into a generic wedding disco. Why would you want any single part of your wedding day to be anything other than completely unique?

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